Sending broadcasts#

To become a part of the network Supply-Side Platforms and Demand-Side Platforms need to inform other Supply-Side Platforms and Demand-Side Platforms that they are accessible.

This is done on ADS Blockchain by broadcasting a URL pointing to Platform Metadata.

Every 24 hours, all Supply-Side Platforms and Demand-Side Platforms are required to broadcast a URL pointing to their Platform Metadata.


Broadcast must be sent from the account declared in the adsAddress field, as defined in the Metadata Format.

URL Format#

The URL is published on ADS Blockchain in the form of an uppercase hexadecimal string.


Most programming languages have a utility to convert an ASCII string to its hex representation. Online converters can be used as well.

The encoded URL is the message to be broadcast.

Example URL:

Example URL after encoding:


Metadata Format#

Platform Metadata needs to be published in Metadata Format.

How to broadcast#

Broadcasting is done via ADS CLI Client by running the broadcast command.

You can also run the above command by using the following alternative methods: