The following diagram presents a simplified overview of the interactions between Supply-Side Platform and Demand-Side Platform regarding Impression Events and Conversion Events:

skinparam monochrome true

participant "Supply-Side\nAgent"                as SSA
participant "Supply-Side\nPlatform"             as SSP
participant "Supply-Side\nContext Provider"     as SSCP
participant "Demand-Side\nPlatform"             as DSP
participant "Demand-Side\nContext Provider"     as DSCP
participant "Demand-Side\nAgent"                as DSA

==User Navigates to a Site==

SSA ->      SSP     : Post Register Event
SSA ->      SSCP    : Post Register Event

==User Browses Through a Site==

SSA ->      SSP     : Get Creatives

loop for each Creative
    SSA ->      DSP     : Get Creative Content
    SSA ->      DSP     : Post View Event
    SSA ->      DSCP    : Post Register Event

==User Clicks on an Ad==

SSA ->      SSP     : Post Click Event
SSP ->      DSP     : Post Click Event\n//redirected//
DSP ->      DSA     : Post Click Event\n//redirected//

General rules#

Here are general rules guiding the workflow around Impression Events and Conversion Events:

Supply-Side Agent is free to report Impression Events to its Supply-Side Platform in any way it wants, as this communication is not part of Adshares Protocol. However, reporting Impression Events to Demand-Side Platform is based on the following rules: