Initialize CliDriver (Command line Driver) with ADS blockchain credentials (account address, private key, node host and port).

$driver = new CliDriver($this->address, $this->secret, $this->host, $this->port);

Please, note that by default CliDriver uses ads as ADS blockchain client application and saves cache to ~/.ads directory. This behaviour can be overwritten with $driver->setCommand(string) and $driver->setWorkingDir(string) methods.

Initialize client with driver.

$client = new AdsClient($driver);

Call commands using created client. In current version client supports all block explorer commands and basic transaction.

Supported block explorer commands:

  • getAccount

  • getAccounts

  • getBlock

  • getBlockIds

  • getBroadcast

  • getMe

  • getMessage

  • getMessageIds

  • getTransaction

Supported transactions:

  • broadcast

  • sendMany

  • sendOne