A digital advertisement. Each Creative is expected to be classified by one or more Creative Tagging Providers.


A series of Creatives aimed to achieve a specific marketing goal.

Each Campaign has a defined date range during which it is active and the maximum amount it can pay up to. Each Campaign consists of one or more Creatives of different type and size.


A digital medium owned by a Publisher where a Creative can be placed. Each Site is expected to be classified by one or more Site Tagging Providers.

Currently, Sites featuring the following two media types are supported:

  • web page,

  • metaverse land parcel.


A specific area within a Site where a Creative is rendered.


The means the User uses to access a Site, including both software and hardware, e.g. desktop web browser, mobile web browser, mobile app etc.


A website owned by an Advertiser which User is expected to visit as a result of interacting with a Creative. Also, Target is the destination where the User is redirected after clicking on a Creative.