ADS Blockchain#

The ADS Blockchain is a fork of the Enterprise Service Chain (ESC), a blockchain software technology capable of facilitating high volumes of simple transactions which, similarly to other cryptocurrencies, allows sending tokens between user accounts. ESC derives its name from the concept of the Enterprise Service Bus, where a cryptocurrency is used as the communication protocol.

The main features of the ADS Blockchain can be summarized as follows:

  • Delegated Proof of Stake as block consensus mechanism to reduce network maintenance costs

  • Small account and transaction identifiers, reduced transaction set and parallel processing of transactions to facilitate high transaction volumes (>100kHz one-one transactions, >1MHz one-many transactions)

  • Nodes are heavily penalized for double spends so most transactions can be trusted almost instantly

  • Small set of VIP nodes responsible for network integrity to facilitate incorporation of slow nodes with reduced transaction processing capabilities

  • Hash of all accounts is part of the block, enabling instant synchronization with blockchain

  • Hierarchical organization of accounts and nodes is ready to facilitate KYC, AML, eID supply and governance

  • Liquid staking rewards to account holders and node managers to support the growth of the economy of the ADS ecosystem


The white paper provides a more detailed description of the concept of the Enterprise Service Chain which is foundation of the ADS Blockchain.