Data Structures#

Platform Metadata#

A manifest describing all the significant information about Supply-Side Platform or Demand-Side Platform. Platform Metadata is broadcast regularly via ADS Blockchain, as part of the Synchronization process.

Supply-Side Inventory#

A manifest describing the parameters of a Site currently offered by a Publisher, e.g. topic, prevailing audience etc.

Demand-Side Inventory#

A manifest describing the parameters of a Campaign currently run by an Advertiser, e.g. time duration, target audience, pricing policy etc.

From the technical perspective, Demand-Side Inventory is an array of Campaign Objects.


In centralized ecosystems the term inventory refers only to the supply side of the market, i.e. what Publishers offer for sale to Advertisers. However, in Adshares Protocol this term is more generic, and it refers to assets that belong to either side of the market, i.e. Publishers or Advertisers.

Creative Object#

A data payload describing a Creative. Among other things, it includes the hash (or checksum) of Creative Content and the following URLs exposed by Demand-Side Platform:

For full details of the payload schema, refer to Creative Object section of Demand-Side Inventory Format.

Creative Content#

Digital assets (e.g. images, videos etc) needed to render a Creative inside its designated Placement.

Context Data#

A package of data describing a User, a Site or a Device.

Context Script#

Executable code generated by Context Provider, and executed inside a sandbox created by Supply-Side Agent within the context of a Site.

Payment Report#

A list of payments from Demand-Side Platform to Supply-Side Platform. The list contains the business context explaining what a given payment amount is for. Payment Reports are generated by Ad Pay Module, and then they are utilized by Demand-Side Platform to execute the payments, and finally they are requested by Supply-Side Platform to analyze the received payments. Payment Reports are standardized and need to adhere to Payment Report Format.